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Review: Cress by Marissa Meyer


 Cress is most oftenly consired to be the favorite book in the Lunar Chronicles, and that perspective is what kept me optimist about it, after I was severely disappointed by Cinder and Scarlet. I am very glad I persevered, because now I understand the hype surrounding the series.

 The third installment in the Lunar Chronicles is a retelling of Rapuzel (no one would have guessed from the cover amIrite), while also progressing the main plot of the series. Cinder, Captain Thorne, Scarlet and Wolf are still on the run, and figure the best chance they have is to rescue Cress, a young hacker imprisioned on the satellite since childhood who has been a convenient Deus ex machina/ exposition dumper  of great help to them previously. But things don’t go the way they expected, and now the group is dispersed and in great trouble.

This was undoubtedly the most creative take on the fairytale aspect I have encountered from the series. The entirety of the Rapunzel tale is actually just the setup to the story, making this the most action-packed and unpredictable installment thus far. It was exciting, jumping from action to action without lacking arc or setup, unlike its predecessors.

 In addition, the main couple in this book diverged significantly from the others. Cress and Thorne were previously established characters in the series, which worked in its advantage, as they didn’t need to be introduced through the novel. Even though they were never in the center of the story, they were incredibly charming. Captain Thorne was already my favorite out of the entire main cast, and Cress is now probably my favorite female character. Their interactions were also the most unique and their romance developed in a slow burn. I don’t ship them all that much because of logical reasons (I just don’t see them lasting and I think they have a huge gap in their maturity), but I maintain my opinion they are the most interesting couple.

 I still have major issues when it comes to the worldbuing, which I won’t get to in this review because I have ranted about them before, Levana remains cartoonish and silly, and there were scenes that made me cringe with how cheesy or unrealistic they were, although they were less abundant than in the previous novels. Cress was the most creative, charming, and entertaining book in the Lunar Chronicles and was totally worth my endurance.

3 stars



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